Who We Are

Gatekeepers University is an outgrowth of Gatekeepers Fellowship.net, a virtual church for the churched and unchurched. As well, we are a Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered virtual school of ministry for those interested in finding or enhancing their purpose and fulfilling their call in the context of local, regional, or international ministry. We provide training for those who are new to ministry, and those who already serve in a ministry capacity, but need enhanced guidance, development, and certification. Gatekeepers University is a virtual school of ministry reaching the world with training for believers from all nations.


Gatekeepers University provides an avenue for many to receive a personal revelation about the plan of God for their life. In turn, they can bring themselves in to alignment with the purpose of God. In this manner, their time, talents, resources, and gifts are directed to flow with the divine call God has for them.

Functioning as a team to carry the Good News is a primary goal of our programs of study. This vision allows for countless teams to be equipped through virtual studies to carry the Good News of God’s truth across every region of the earth. Our task is to help people see, in a practical way, how their gifting fits within any team or persons they may be ministering with.


Pastor Billy Newell

Pastor Billy Newell is a Pastor/Teacher/Psalmist who is based out of Anniston, Alabama. He is the founder of Gatekeepers Fellowship, an international virtual church which aims to edify and build up the Kingdom of God in every possible corner of the earth. “Pastor B” feels the fire in his bones to carry out his God-given purpose and is driven by a supernatural vision given to him over 40 years ago by God to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations.

Pastor Billy has an earned the follow degrees: 

He has travelled in over 11 different foreign nations where he has trained pastors, missionaries, and other leaders in seminars and work-shop settings. He is founder of Gatekeepers Fellowship, a virtual online church, and founder of Gatekeepers University. He is the primary instructor and spiritual leader of the school.


Most individuals who apply to Gatekeepers University are more interested in seeking training and less interested in obtaining a regionally or professionally accredited degree or certification. Positions such as teaching positions in regionally accredited colleges, military chaplains, or government positions require a regional accreditation, but pastoring, worship leaders, elders, outreach, missionaries, and more are not required to have such accreditation.

Accreditation is a process exclusive to the United States, whereas, in other countries, colleges and universities are overseen by government approval. Within the United States, accreditation is a voluntary procedure, managed by independent accrediting agencies that may or may not be recognized by the federal government. It is important to note a college or university’s license to operate is regulated by the state government and should not be confused with accreditation. Additionally, each state has its own set of criteria regarding universities, seminaries, and Bible colleges.

However, it is important to note that many college admission decisions are made by individual academic program boards or directors, not the central Office of Admission. Some departments may be willing to admit a student without the necessary credentials if they feel the student demonstrates compensating strengths in other areas.