About Us

FOCUS:  The focus of Gatekeepers University is to equip Christians to function well in a ministry setting.  Our training actually compliments the local church operation, itinerate ministry, outreach ministry, etc., by training you in the various aspects of those ministries.  

AFFORDABLE:  Gatekeepers University offers affordable Christian higher education to those called to ministry, whether you are bi-vocational or full-time. Our tuition is minimal compared to the thousands you would pay at a traditional university.

PERFECT FIT:  Whether you may or may not hold a traditional ministry position, we are the perfect fit, as we provide deep-level training for each “Calling” listed in our programs.  

STRATEGIC:  Knowledgeable individuals who know how to function in the operation of a ministry are the exception to the rule, and are they valuable key people to have in ministry.  Our training is a strategical move for you, as it hones your gifts and allows you to become one of these exceptional minister.   

ORDINATION/CERTIFICATION:  Once you have completed our Certification training in your chosen area, we can provide Ministry Ordination via Gatekeepers Fellowship, our global virtual ministry.  Individuals from various Callings around the world have been ordained by Gatekeepers Fellowship, and you can be a part of this fellowship as well. Many organizations do not ordain/certify Worship Leaders, Musicians, Vocalist, Intercessory Prayer Ministers, Missions Ministry, etc. We have great news, Gatekeepers Fellowship provides these, so enroll to day and get started on your path to great things!

FUNCTIONAL:  Biblical Kingdom of God training is our focus.  While others seek theological training, we seek to empower you in your calling with a Bible-based ministry instruction/education.  Our training is tried and true; it will work in any setting for your ministry.  

ACCREDITATION: Because our training is “ministry specific” in nature, the accreditation concept would not apply here.  We are training you to work in the local ministry setting.  If you choose to enter a college after our training, then we would be happy to provide verification of your training and copies of your certification.  Gatekeepers University is not recognized by the Department of Education to receive federal funding.  Therefore, our Certifications may not provide the student with the professional education requirements that are needed for acceptance in a regionally accredited University.